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Hello there, my name is Varun and I am suffering from HIV.

I found out I was HIV positive in February 2014. My viral load was 415,000 and my CD4 was ten. I do not have any symptoms nothing except the skin rash.

Also after starting my course of Viraday (HIV medicine) a week later and I felt some side effects. I was very much worried about it like any other person would. I constantly checked online and have seen multiple doctors to know if I was in any kind of danger.

Few doctors made me go through multiple tests. Majority of doctors confirmed that I am not in any danger, and that everything is going good and it just needs time.

I’ve read many articles about HIV medication but still I wanted to know proper information on how much time does it takes to increase my CD4 and about the IRIS. If IRIS is going to happen, after how long from starting the medicine does it come?

Later on I found some information on Life Cure Drugs website where we can easily Buy Anti-HIV Drugs Online. Also after talking to numerous doctors and experts in this field I came to know about the concrete information.

First of all I had been very lucky that I did not have any bad symptoms with such a low CD4 count.

My CD4 count was already likely to be higher, but for most people this will increase slowly and steadily. On average, it might take a years for your CD4 count to increase to 90-100 and another year to reach up to 200.

In some people it increases faster and for some people it can take more time.

If IRIS is going to happen, it is usually in the first few weeks or months after starting treatment. This makes it very important to talk to your doctor about any new symptoms. Your doctor needs to decide whether new symptoms are side effects or symptoms of IRIS.

IRIS stand for Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome. IRIS occurs to about 1 in 5 people starting with a CD4 count under 50. The related infections can include TB and CMV. It is important that your doctor checks your eyes for CMV, especially if you have noticed any chances in your eyesight or vision.

Viraday is just a generic version of Atripla which makes it affordable for many people. Also you can Buy Viraday Online  from this user-friendly website.

I am very thankful to Life Cure Drugs as the have made my life easier by providing such good service and helping me with HIV medication in such low rates.