cancer symptoms


Cancer can be caused due to various reasons like

Cancer factors related to lifestyle are :

cancer myths misconception
These are few major misconceptions about cancer causes .
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • UV radiation in sunlight
  • Some food-related factors like nitrites and poly aromatic hydrocarbons that are formed by barbecuing food can also cause cancer .

Factors that cause cancer due to work environment are :

  • Asbestos fibres
  • Tar and pitch
  • Polynuclear hydrocarbons (e.g. benzopyrene)
  • Some metal compounds
  • Some plastic chemicals

Radiation can cause cancer:

  • Ionising radiation (e.g. X-ray radiation, soil radon)
  • Non-ionised radiation (the sun’s ultraviolet radiation)

Some drugs may increase the risk of cancer:

  • Certain antineoplastic agents
  • Certain hormones
  • Medicines that cause immune deficiency

Symptoms of cancer are :

Breast cancer/tumours symptoms are different for everyone. These are few common symptoms almost everyone might get.

  • Skin changes such as redness and swelling of breast .
  • Some other visible differences in breasts can also be the reason for cancer.
  • Shape of breasts may change and size may increase.
  • Nipples look different.
  • You might feel general pain in some part of the breast
  • You can feel lumps inside the breasts.

For your help , here is a list of food that will help you fight Cancer . Share this to help others.

food to cure cancer
Including these food items in your diet can cure cancer faster.

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