Erypro Safe

Erypro Safe

Brand Name – Erypro Safe injection
Manufacturer – BIOCON LIMITED
Contains – Erythropoietin 10000 IU
Packing – 1 Injection
Form – Injection

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Erypro Safe

Buy Erypro Safe injection

Erypro Safe Is the injection. It will be manufactured by BIOCON LIMITED. It will be helpful for kidney. Erypro Safe is a injection is prescribed for chronic kidney failure. It helps give result about the formation of red blood cells. It comes as a solution for injection to be administered by a healthcare provider under the skin or into the vein. Erypro different symptoms like confusion, headache, generalised seizures. Thrombosis. Cardiac arrest, Arrhythmia conjustive heart failure and precipitation of myocardial infarction. Doctors prescribe to buy Erypro safe injection from Life cure drugs.

Told the doctor when you have allergy for Erypro safe. Whenever we get different symptom then we got which type of side effects. This includes giving about shortness of breath; wheezing; swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat; or any other signs.

If you think there was an overdose, call your consulting doctor. A very bad reaction is the sign of drag. Any rash. Symptoms or health problem is not better or you are feeling worse. Sometimes drugs are not safe when you take them with certain other drugs and food. Taking them together can cause bad side effects. Be sure to talk to your doctor before you decide to buy Erypro safe and about all the drugs you. If you have any problem about injection then you are call the doctor. any queries about this medicine.

Children dose will be provide 4 weely :600 units/kg/week

For Adults dose will be provide 3 times /week:150 units/kg 3 time/week.

Whenever the woman has been pregnant then you have taking security because of animal reproduction studies have adverse side effect on fetus. It will be risky for this woman should be and fetus. Some time you have to taken drag and food together there may be bad effects. Erypro safe are not store in freeze is will storeit in refrigerator (2-8°C)

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