Brand Name – Velasof Tablet
Manufacturer – Hetero
Contains – Velpatasvir(100mg),Sofosbuvir(400mg)
Packing – 28 Tablets
Form – Tablets

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Velasof is Combination of Velpatasvir 100mg with Sofosbuvir 400mg. Velpatasvir 100mg with Sofosbuvir 400mg is a two-drug mix for the treatment of hepatitis C contamination which stops the development of infection in the blood. Sofosbuvir With Velpatasvir is a two-medicine blend for the treatment of hepatitis C. Each and the everyday pill containing the viral NS5A inhibitor velpatasvir and sofosbuvir, a nucleotide inhibitor of the viral RNA polymerase. It is the main treatment, that works for all genotypic, and is taken altogether by mouth. A solitary tablet regimen is utilized for grown-ups with genotype 1-6 interminable hepatitis C infection (HCV) disease.


Sofosbuvir With Velpatasvir is accessible as a co-formulated, once-everyday single-pill blend of sofosbuvir 400 mg and velpatasvir 100 mg. The suggested measurements is one tablet once day by day, taken with or without nourishment.

Renal Impairment:

For patients with gentle to direct renal hindrance, no dose modification of sofosbuvir-velpatasvir is prescribed. There are lacking information in regards to the wellbeing and adequacy of sofosbuvir-velpatasvir in patients with extreme renal impedance or end-organize renal illness requiring hemodialysis. In like manner, no measurement proposal has been given for patients with serious renal weakness or end-arrange renal sickness requiring dialysis.

Hepatic Impairment:

For patients with mellow, direct, or serious hepatic disability (Child-Pugh Class A, B, or C), no measurement alteration for sofosbuvir-velpatasvir is suggested. For patients with decompensated cirrhosis who are getting sofosbuvir-velpatasvir and ribavirin, clinical and research center checking is prescribed.

Side Effects

  • Debilitation
  • Feeling Tragic Or Exhaust
  • Need Or Loss Of Quality
  • Loss Of Intrigue Or Joy
  • Rash
  • For Healthcare Professionals

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