Evercan 5 mg

Evercan 5 mg

Brand Name – Evercan 
Contains – everolimus
Manufacturer –
Packing – Tablet
Strength – 10 tablets

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Evercan 5 mg

Evercan 5 mg is an anticancer tablets. The tablets offered by us are procured from well-known vendors of the market who use high quality ingredients while processing. In addition to this, we make sure that the consignments are timely delivered at clients’ destinations.Vital Ingredient in Evecan
Generic Name: of this ingredient is everolimus (E-ver-OH-li-mus)
Due to this Ingredient Evercan is normally comes in type Of Everolimus tablets.
Everolimus decreases the action of the immune system. This may increase your risk of developing infection or certain types of cancer (eg, lymphoma, skin cancer). Tell your doctor right away if you notice signs of infection (eg, persistent sore throat, chills, fever, painful or frequent urination). Consult with your doctor right away if you notice a change in the appearance or size of a mole, unusual itching, fever, night sweats, unexplained weight loss or unusual growths or lumps.
Everolimus is usually taken with cyclosporine one of type of medicine to suppress the immune system. The risk of kidney damage may get increase if Everolimus gets used along with certain doses of cyclosporine. You may need lab tests to check the amount of these medicines in your blood.
Discuss any questions or concerns with your doctor. Tell your doctor right away if you have pain in your groin and lower back, side, or stomach, decreased urination, dark or bloody urine, fever,nausea or vomiting.
The risk of death may be increased in people who take everolimus after a heart transplant. This is often associated with serious infections. Use of everolimus following a heart transplant is not recommended. Talk with your doctor for more information.

• Longer shelf life
• Pure
• Supplied As:5mg , 10mg

Additional Info:
Everecan is available in 5 Mg and 10 Mg Tablets. Everecan is used for kidney
breast cancer, and neuroendocrine tumor
Contact your doctor or health care provider right away if any of these apply to you.

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