Brand Name – Anastrozole
Manufacturer – Alkem Laboratories Limited
Contains – Anastrozole
Packing – Tablets
Strength – 1 mg

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Buy Altraz 1mg online on doctors prescription

General information:

Altraz 1 mg tablet is basically used for the treatment of breast cancer (at early stage) in women and also for the post menopause in the women .it prevent this condition by blocking and stopping the synthesis process of the estrogen hormone. You can now days easily buy Altraz 1 mg tablet online from any pharmacy stores.

The Altraz Tablets improves the disease and symptoms of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women.

Working Mechanism of Altraz Tablet and Pharmacology:

The Altraz Tablet make the condition better and helps improve the condition of patient suffering from Brest cancer by blocking the estrogen hormone synthesis process and also some other substances.

Altraz 1 mg tablet makes the amount of estrogen (natural female hormone) produced in the body, to a lower count at low level.

Main Active Ingredients of the Altraz 1 mg tablet:

It is comsed of Anastrozole (1 MG). It is also available in many strength composition, you can buy Altraz 1 mg tablet and its other strength composition also as prescribed by doctors.

The Anastrozole (1 MG) is the main component which plays it work for helping and preventing breast cancer. Altraz 1 mg tablet online can be bought from any store which provide this medicines.

Precautions and proper usage instructions:

The patient should provide the list all the medicine to the doctors before using this drug.

Patient should inform if she is having any allergies, or any other health issues, any upcoming surgeries, pregnancy status etc. you can always easily buy Altraz 1 mg tablet online, but one should always use this drug under doctors guidance.

You can take the Altraz 1 mg tablet with or without food. But if you are consuming this tablet at particular time that good, make a fixed time for its consumption.

Main things to remember if you are using Altraz 1 mg tablet:

  • If you are having any Heart disease problems consult and report all the condition to your doctor.
  • Do not use this tablets along with estrogen and Tamoxifen, consult conductor for proper understating.

Side effects of using Altraz 1 mg tablet:

You get have some common side effect if you use this tablet.

You could have Headache, Nausea, there could some skin related issues also like skin rashes, allergies Weakness in the body, join pain etc. So if you feel any of these symptoms please contact you doctors.

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