GVAX Vaccine with Revlimid to Delay Remission

GVAX vaccine is used in a clinical trial in patients with myeloma who have had a good response to therapy. The aim of this is to broaden the remissions and potentially deepen the response to the negative situation of the minimum disease (MRD).

This vaccine was tested in the earlier phase I studies conducted by Dr. Livan Borelio Hopkins. In the phase I study, patients who were undergoing transplantation and subsequently received the vaccine had longer progression-free survival than patients who did not receive the vaccine.

A phase II study is currently underway with a treatment group that includes the GVAX vaccine, Prevnar vaccine, and Revlimid. The second hand will be just Revlimid.

Patients can join the study if they have received myeloma therapy and have a good response to therapy. Patients can also join if they are over a year of stem cell transplantation (since transplantation can modify the immune system) even if they get transplants long ago. The test requires that the patient should also have Revlimid capsules because it improves the immune system, although patients may have minor doses of Revlimid tablets.

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The vaccine has no serious side effects. It is not intended to treat large myeloma burdens, only to increase remissions. Patients can be “remissions”, but they must be MRD positive (or disease is found using the MRD test). The vaccine is given once a month for 3 months. Thereafter, the vaccine should be revaccinated 6 months later, 1 year later, and for another year thereafter, with approximately 36 months of vaccine treatment.

Syed Raffi, MD, MBBS, is a study principal researcher and at a recent conference joined Myeloma Crowd to share more videos. To learn more about joining this survey.

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