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Brand Name – Rituximab
Manufacturer – Reddys Lab
Packing – Injection
Strength – 100 mg, 500 mg


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Reditux 500 mg

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Reditux Injection are used for the proper treatment of the cancer in the body, it helps stopping the growth of cancer. It helps in treating Inflammation Of Blood Vessels in the body by reacting on them, it also treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, leukemia cancers and other related conditions.It prevent the clotting of blood vessels making normal blood flow. Buy reditux 500 mg from trusted online store

Composition and Active components of Reditux Injection:

Rituximab (100 MG) , and its preparation type is of injection .you Buy Reditux 500mg inj Online from our web site . The reditux injection can be of various strengths.

The Reditux 500mg inj Online store provide the proper strength description of the product.

Working process of the reditux Reditux Injection:

The Working Mechanism process of the rituximab(100 mg) is simple , it performs the action by stopping the growth of the cancer building substances and reduce the inflammation of the blood in the body . Thus it improves the patient condition who are suffering from the cancer. It also helps in stopping, the fast spreading cancer in the body.

Thus buy Buy Reditux 500mg inj with doctor’s prescription if you have cancer.

Usage instruction and precaution of Reditux Injection:

  • Always if you are taking any medicine or particularly this reditux injection, you should alwys inform the doctors about the current medicines you are using or any other drugs which you consuming from a long time.
  • Also inform about your heath related issues even, the small ones like any allergies, pre-existing diseases. If you are pregnant or taking some herbal medicine you should inform all these to your doctors. Always take medicine as directed by doctors. the Reditux 500mg inj Online companies also suggest you take medicine under doctor’s prescription.
  • The dosage of the drug depend on the condition of the person, whenever you want to Buy Reditux 500mg inj , check the proper dosage description.
  • If you are taking this medicine and your condition is becoming worsen, Then immediately contact your doctors.

Points to be considered:

  • You should Avoid contact with a person who is receiving vaccine live.
  • If you are feeling pain or having painful sores, peeling of skin consult your doctor.
  • Keep in touch with your doctors if you are feeling ay mental state change problem in sleeping etc.
  • You can feel some common side effect also like Headache, Weakness, Infusion reaction, Hair loss, always keep informing your doctors if you felling any of these.

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